Tournament Rules

  1. Only Tennis Members in good standing may participate in any tournament, with the exception of the Junior Tennis Program’s Tiny Gregg Tournament.
  2. Participants should register online to enter a tournament. The tournament roster will be created in the order of the date of registration.
  3. Tournament Chair(s) is (are) the winner(s) of the specific tournament, the previous year, and/or the designated committee member listed in About Us: Committees.
  4. Tournament Chair(s) is (are) responsible for verifying the eligibility of all tournament participants.
  5. Tournament Chair(s) is (are) responsible to review the tournament registration list, confirm players participation and create tournament roster prior to the tournament’s start. In the event that a tournament limits the number of players, a substitution list will be created in the order of the date of registration once the maximum number of players has been reached.
  6. For all Parent & Child tournaments: A child is eligible to play through age 16. For the purpose of determining this age, the child must not have turned 17 years of age on or before December 31 of the tournament year. These are competitive tournaments. Child must be able to do an overhead serve from baseline. Parents of younger children may organize a separate noncompetitive tournament with all children receiving a participation reward. If parent does not play in tournament, the child’s grandparent or blood relative (i.e. grandmother or aunt), who is a tennis member, may play in the place of the parent. An eligible child lacking a tennis playing parent, or eligible relative, may play with a substitute adult chosen by a random draw from volunteer tennis members in good standing who are at least 35 years of age on or before December 31 of the tournament year. The draw will performed in public with substitutes and other participants present before the start of the tournament.
  7. Bergstrom Cup, Holway Cup and Ladies Doubles: – Players must be at least 21 years of age on or before December 31 of the tournament year. Partners chosen by random draw. 
  8. Couples Happy Hour Cup: Mixed doubles tournament comprised of married couples only. No surrogates or substitutes may play in place of a spouse. 
  9. Men’s Singles: Players must be 21 year of age on or before December 31 of the tournament year. 
  10. Tiny Gregg Youth Tournament: This is a Junior Tennis Program tournament and only active Junior Tennis Team players are eligible to participate in this tournament. Format and draw for partners will be determined by the SBCC Junior Tennis Pro.
  11. Some tournaments are subject to a capacity limit which is outlined in the table below. Once capacity has been reached, a substitution list will be created based on the registration date and time.
Tournament Title
Max. Capacity
Bergstrom Cup – Male Players Individual 16
Bergstrom Cup – Female Players Individual 16
Mother/Daughter Team or Ind. none
Father/Daughter Team or Ind. none
Father/Son Team or Ind. none
Men’s Singles Individual 16
Holway Cup – Men’s Doubles Individual 16
Ladies Doubles Individual none
Couples Tennis Team none