Summer Staff Employment

Our staff is made up primarily of high school and college students. Many were once campers at the SBCC Day Camp themselves, which gives our camp a great sense of tradition and continuity. All staff are chosen for their maturity, commitment to children’s growth and a love of the camp community. All counselors have completed orientation, training, and CPR certification before the campers arrive.

Summer Employment Positions Available

The following positions are available (please click on the links for a job description, requirements and online application):


Staff Selection Process


Applications that are received by March 12th will be considered in the first round of the selection process. Selection may continue through the spring, but many, if not all, positions will be filled from the first round of applicants. If applicant faces a time limit with another position, please let us know so that we can do our best to provide a determination in a timely manner.


References are not required if an applicant was a counselor or a CIT last year.

All other applications must have three (3) references included. For references, we are requesting that they be people who have seen/hired you to work, preferably with children. We would prefer no relatives.


All Staff must be CPR and First Aid certified. Training will be provided to all staff prior to start of camp, if needed.


Contracts will start to be offered starting in late March or early April and may continue through the spring, if necessary.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Joe Madera at sbccdirector@gmail.com or Kelly Fennell at kfennell31@gmail.com.