We are excited to offer pickleball and add new offerings to our membership. To continue to grow and innovate as a club, it is important that we take into full consideration both the benefits and sensitivities new additions like pickleball bring to the SBCC membership, and neighbors, and community.

Pickleball Regulations (Approved and distributed June, 2022):

All Pickleball players must have a current SBCC Tennis membership to play Pickleball. Social-only members are not permitted to participate in any Pickleball activities including, general play, clinics*, or other. New members will be required to purchase a Membership Certificate as well. Tennis members in good standing are not allowed to bring “guests” to play unless their specific membership level allows for guest privileges—this refers to the Tennis Membership with Guest Privileges (TG).

*Exception—non-tennis members and social members that express interest in participating in the Friday (10:30-11:30) pickleball clinic(s) will be permitted to participate in (1) one clinic to better understand if membership is of interest.

For information on getting a tennis membership please visit www.sbcclub.com.

Pickleball Schedule:

The following times are specifically dedicated to Pickleball. In these times, Pickleball will take precedence over general tennis play. Please note that any planned tennis clinics, events, tournaments, SBCC Camp, or Junior tennis activities will have priority use of all courts even during the below-outlined Pickleball hours.

Monday (3:30–5:00pm)
Tues/Wed/Thurs (4:00–5:30pm)
Friday (10:30–11:30am)
Friday (3:30–5:00pm)
Saturday and Sunday: Open play—if courts are open and not being used for tennis, pickleball can be played.

Note: Pickleball open play hours are between 8am and 7pm if tennis is not utilizing the court pickle can be played. No pickleball can be played before 8 am or after 7 pm. Please note that only the pickleball court can be used for ANY pickleball-related activities.

Pickleball Conduct

All players must abide by a code of conduct that demonstrates a sensitivity to fellow players and abutting neighbors. This code of conduct will be available for review and visible on-site for Pickleball play. This includes:

  • No loud or abusive behavior by words or actions directed at anyone – this includes players on the courts and by-standers waiting to play
  • No alcoholic beverages on or near the courts
  • No glass bottles of any kind

Pickleball Tournement(s)

Any pickleball-specific events and or tournaments must be pre-approved by SBCC and if necessary, gain approval from the SBCC Board.

Pickleball Equipment

  • It is expected that players use suppression and noise-reducing paddles
  • All nets, paddles, and balls must be cleared from courts after use
  • Shoes and Dress: Proper attire required (shirts for men, tennis attire for women)
  • Non-marking flat court shoes are to be always worn. Shirts must be always worn.