The Junior Tennis rate structure reflects that there is no requirement for Team players to have a family tennis membership. Team Tennis rates are established as Family Tennis Members (“Member”) and Non-family Tennis Members (“Non-Member”).

Tuition is based on the following weekly or full season rate structure:

Member Non-Member
Team Tennis: Weekly $   60 $   80
Full Season $ 350 $ 475
Junior Hopefuls: Weekly $   40 $   55
Full Season $ 280 $ 340
Tennis for Beginners: Weekly $   40 $   55
Full Season $ 280 $ 340

Weekly rates are in effect regardless of attendance, unless previously arranged with the Parent Coordinator. Junior Tennis shirts are typically available for purchase and are expected to be worn for intra-club matches. Due to Covid-19, intra-club matches will not be scheduled in 2020. In 2020, intramural matches will take place on Friday and there is no uniform for these matches.

Participants may bring age appropriate guests, with the advanced permission of the Pro. Guests must provide the identical information and register in the same manner as a weekly participant.